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Pls HELP??? Custom imported char and anim doesn't show up!

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    Pls HELP??? Custom imported char and anim doesn't show up!

    I exported a character I made in MAX with the ActorX plugin.
    Imported mesh and animation into UEd, I can see the character and animation with texture in the animation viewer/browser and see the character placed and textured in my own level, but when I click on play level to test, every time I start I see another character from within Unreal Tournament 2003 at the place I placed my character! (?)

    I used an Xpawn to change into my own character and followed the Matinee videotraining about scripted sequences 4 times now, but perhaps I did something wrong before?

    Why can't I see my own model when I play?
    Hope anyone can help me???

    Well your problem is that the model of the xPawn is determined over the species class it has assigned (default: Species=class'SPECIES_Jugg')

    To display your own model you should either use a dummy decoration and just assign the new mesh (like a barrel or whatever) or import your new player-model as staticmehs. Both solutions of course can't play any animations.


      custom anim import

      This is not easy for a painter/modeler, no programmer/scripter at all... But thanks anyway! I'll try to dive deeper into it!