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Species Stats Plus bug fixing help!!

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    Species Stats Plus bug fixing help!!

    I have the "SpeciesStatsPlus 1-Jackalope" version mutator by evildrwong
    however he has moved on from updating it.

    There are a few bugs I want to fix, as well as some alterations to make
    but I need help with the actual code, mainly:

    -Making duration 'command' abilities' effects disappear once the user has died
    -Giving the 'SpeciesModifierRepairNanites' the default effect from 'SpeciesModifierForceField'
    -Changing the color of 'SpeciesModifierForceField' effect
    -Making the AI use these duration 'command' abilities' in combat, like they do with instant command abilities (The mutator doesn't actually edit the AI, rather it is independent from it and activates abilities on its own when it spots an enemy.)
    -Lastly, changing the stats/effects of SpeciesModifierMassive (increase knockback reduction), SpeciesModifierForceField (increase damage reduction), SpeciesModifierGasGrenade (doesn't damage the user)