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minecraft pbuildin n' destoryin gun idea. . .

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    minecraft pbuildin n' destoryin gun idea. . .

    I thought that would be a good idea/request for a mod that i wanna participate or ya'll could try out. THey have game called ace of spades on steam where you can shoot mincreaft blocks with ak's n stuff and they dissapear and i have for this script in java code where it builds a cube anywhere in the range scripted around ur charector and destroys it so i wanna take the java code version of this and turn it into unreal code.... Has any one done one of these or is trying?

    Becasue i want to do something no is cureently doing
    Ill post the java code if you all want me to to see if you can manipulate it to unreal script for a modification (gametype)

    I created an entire minecraft Kit/ environment for UT3; physX, tornado's, first ever 100% destructible map for Unreal (and it had 600+fps), Respawn blocks, exploding mushrooms every MCraft cube etc.
    - i got as far as making the animals, cows and stuff; i never finished the animal pack, but that reminds me it would make a great additional to my UT3 ambient creatures pack.

    You can probably use the majority of the code for UT2004, it's simple stuff, your welcome to have it it's probably still an active link. I might be tempted by taking another go at the creatures but all you need for that is 1 person who enjoys rigging and animating to make a simple universal (mcraft scale) animal rig