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rainbow six raven shield scripting

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    rainbow six raven shield scripting

    Hi all!

    I working on "Raven shield" games (2003) based on UT 2003 (Unreal engine 2.0)

    I try change some base rules, like mission falls when hostage die. And I dont see how can I do it.
    UnrealEditor can easily add new bot, change levels entity etc, but no scripting of base rules.

    Seems I need some additonal tools. I novice for Unreal modification and dont see FAQs about scripting.
    Anyone worked with Raven shield?

    As I recall I don't think you can mod the UScript for RS since it does not really support mods (aside from maps and maybe some skins) since no official SDK was released (as far as I know...). That being said, it appears that some folks have been able to add lots of stuff into the game (weapons etc.) that would appear to have required UScript; google "Raven Shield Modding" then check the link on the UBI forums to "Comprehensive-list-of-Ravenshield-mods-and-resources-Forums" and look for the SDK2 / ToolBelt entry.