Alright as a mapper I wanted an Onslaught map on islands in Water, however there is a problem

All the vehicles sink (and the Raptor treats water exactly like air), and when you get out of the vehicle you're suspended where you are and have no control over your movement (you have to suicide and respawn)

I was hoping their might be a way to make the Manta float over water and make it so water kills the flight ability of the Raptor. As well I'd be good if you were in one of these vehicles under water that you say lost air. And when you get out of the vehicles when you are in water, it'd ne great if you did not lose control.

Alll of this would be pretty easy as far as I can tell except the manta floating on water. I know you can get the physics of the volume you're in (like you do as a player) and apply the appropriate effects form there on (like losing air, and making it so the actor is swimming in the water when you leave) The Manta... Well IDK, unless you made it float on a specific texture perhaps?

Anyhow, well I know how this might all be coded I don't know HOW to code it. I have a block in realtion to UScript (and well any other OOP for that matter) so I was hoping someone could help me

Thanks in Advance