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UCC Make error

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    I'm no expert either but it looks like you don't have any .uc files.

    I don't suppose you are using Windows XP are you? If so, it could be that the 'Hide File Extentions of know file types" is still ticked in your Folder Options.

    Make sure that when you save them with conTEXT that you save them as .uc and not .uc.txt

    If I'm not making myself clear, then I'll post a better explination at lunch time .

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    well apperently there are no files in

    Also ConText hilighter:

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  • started a topic UCC Make error

    UCC Make error

    I am new to UnrealScript and my questions is. What program do I need that would better aid the proccess. I am using conTEXT right now but it doesn't have the UnrealScript Highlighter option.

    when I try and do a ucc make in my command prompt I get

    C:\UT2003\System>ucc make
    ----------------------------Core - Release----------------------------
    ---------------------------Engine - Release---------------------------
    ----------------------------Fire - Release----------------------------
    ---------------------------Editor - Release---------------------------
    --------------------------UnrealEd - Release--------------------------
    ---------------------------IpDrv - Release----------------------------
    ----------------------------UWeb - Release----------------------------
    --------------------------GamePlay - Release--------------------------
    -------------------------UnrealGame - Release-------------------------
    --------------------------XGame_rc - Release--------------------------
    --------------------------XEffects - Release--------------------------
    ------------------------XWeapons_rc - Release-------------------------
    ------------------------XPickups_rc - Release-------------------------
    --------------------------XPickups - Release--------------------------
    ---------------------------XGame - Release----------------------------
    --------------------------XWeapons - Release--------------------------
    -------------------------XInterface - Release-------------------------
    ---------------------------XAdmin - Release---------------------------
    -------------------------XWebAdmin - Release--------------------------
    --------------------------Vehicles - Release--------------------------
    ----------------------MyRifle - Release-----------------------
    Can't find files matching ..\MyRifle\Classes\*.uc

    History: UMakeCommandlet::Main

    Exiting due to error