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[IDE] Unreal Sed (2.1.0) [PIC]

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    In the next few days (if not today) I will start working on the next update.
    I will be writing a blog post with a list of what may make it into the update.

    I'll also make some changes to the integration of MahApps.Metro to see if I can fix the UI bug. Currently the milestone for the next version of MahApps.Metro is almost halfway through completion and when it's complete I will be updating to the new version.


      Here is a sneak peek of what I'm working on for the next update:


        Here is a screenshot showing the result of generating code after parsing a file.
        The code in the console is generated after parsing the file using the information retrieved.

        Click image for larger version

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          Here is a sneak peek into another feature that might make it into the next update.
          This is a test application for now:


            Those are some professional-looking material icons right there


              Originally posted by GreatEmerald View Post
              Those are some professional-looking material icons right there
              This is a test application for now:


                My website is currently offline. I'm working to fix it.


                  The website is back online.


                    Over the last few weeks I've been busy with some real life stuff and am haven't been able to work much on any visible features. Today, however, I've started worked on the auto completion parts required for the text editor.
                    The parser is still not ready to be implemented in the text editor, but it seems to be coming along nicely.

                    Here is a screenshot of the auto completion window:


                      It's about time for some information on development to be given. I am still working on Intellisense, more specifically on the parser. I've re-written the parser and redesigned it for faster development and for easier addition of features.

                      Currently it is capable of parsing classes with the following elements:
                      - Class declaration (still needs to handle special modifiers)
                      - Block comments
                      - Line Comments
                      - Variables (this one is still very limited)
                      - Enumerations
                      - Structures (still very limited duo to the state of variable parsing)
                      - Constants (most likely finished)

                      This is a screenshot of the test program, having it parsed a stripped version (due to the parser not being finished yet) of the Object class from UDK-2012-10.

                      I've spent somewhat a full week time working on the new parser and was able to accomplish more than what I had with the old parser in double the time.

                      Auto-Completion is still in very early stages of development mainly due to the lack of a fully functional parser (which is not yet integrated into Unreal Sed).

                      The Content Browser has been touched up, but still lacks the functionality required for it to go live.


                        I've finished the maintenance of the website and it is now available again.

                        I may have some news in a few days or weeks. I've been learning about Lexical Analysis and such for Intellisense, and it's taking some time. Also other projects are also consuming time (just the website maintenance took day and a half).


                          Hi, today I bring bad news.

                          Over the last three to four weeks, my computer has been dying. It has now reached a point where it does not boot, and if it does it freezes after five to ten minutes.

                          Since I do not have the monetary means to buy a new computer, I fear that programming is something I won't be able to do for quite some time.
                          That means Unreal Sed (along with all my projects) is dead.

                          Thank you for your time.



                            That's really bad news... Any idea why that is? Is it a hardware failure? Or maybe you just need to reinstall the OS?


                              Yes, I am to sorry to hear about your serious computer problems. I do agree with GreatEmerald. It is hard to determine some windows issues, to the point reinstalling the OS is a lot quicker solution. I have a usb adapter for my internal HD so I can backup, and reinstall if needed. Hopefully it is that simple, or finding a temporary used rig or part until something more suitable comes along.


                                From the tests I performed it either is the motherboard, a RAM slot or the RAM cards themselves. I have tried other RAM cards and it was fine, so I assumed it was the RAM cards. The next day I started having the same problem. I tried my original RAM cards in another laptop and it did not boot. If I use try the "new" RAM that I tried on the other laptop it does not boot either.

                                I think the most likely cause of the problem might be the RAM slots or the motherboard.
                                It isn't related to the OS since it doesn't even start to boot. The only thing that shows on screen is the screen that shows my GPU info. After that it should go to the boot screen and count the amount of RAM however it just goes black.

                                I have turned on the PC without any RAM cards which should make it beep, but it does not.

                                I have also tried with another instance of Windows from another HDD but since it does not even boot, I don't think the problem is related to that.
                                I've also disconnected my Network card getting the same results.

                                I would use the other laptop I got the RAM from, but currently I have no RAM cards for it since none of them work (and that laptop is even older than mine with not enough specs to run the games for testing the debugger).