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    Unreal Sed 1.1.0 Released.

    If you have Unreal Sed 1.0.0 you need to update manually as there was a bug in the updater.
    (Check first post for download link)


      The development has slowed down this week and will not speed up until the end of next week.
      The slowdown is due to me having test next week and have done a few this week.

      I have detected a few bugs:
      » The keyword new isn't highlighted;
      » Performing a search with special characters may cause Unreal Sed to crash;
      » Instance highlighting only highlights one word per line;
      » Instance highlighting bug when scrolling horizontally;
      » The float suffix isn't highlighted (0.f or 0.0f).

      All of these bugs will be fixed in the next patch which also features an interface makeover.


        Unreal Sed 1.2.0 Released
        (Check first post for download link)

        Home Page.


          Unreal Sed 1.2.3 Released

          If you are experiencing crashes, with this update you will get crash information to help me fix it.
          (Check first post for download link)


            Progress Update

            Over the last few weeks I've been having some monitor problems which have now been temporarily fixed with an external monitor. This doesn't guarantee full stability has the laptop doesn't boot sometimes (rare phenomenon).

            Project Ampersand (my main project) is slowing down in development, as I am studying in various fields of knowledge required in its development, and some old projects of mine have been reactivated.
            The reactivated projects are Unreal Tournament 2004 mods which allows me to use Unreal Sed in a real working environment rather than just testing it with special tests. This brings Unreal Sed to the top of the stack regarding development dedication.

            Currently Unreal Sed is found in version 2.0.-1. This is the private beta testing version made available to a handful of people who are in constant contact with me reporting bugs and annoyances.
            Since this version had a lot of changes in code it needs more time for polish and bug fixing.

            On top of that I still want to improve the tree views and perform searches on a different thread.

            Here is a screenshot of the current version. It is the same thing has before but class names are now highlighted.


              Hey there! It's time for another progress update and this time I bring good news!

              A release date is more or less defined to be Wednesday (11th September 2013). The latest beta version will be pushed for the beta testers and remain in testing state for two to three days, depending on the results.

              With the acquisition of my domain I developed a new web page and blog solely for Unreal Sed, however the host has been having some problems and I am in the process of changing host. Therefore that content will not be available for some time.

              The current change log is as follows:
              Change Log:
              + New Feature: Open Tabs Are Now Saved For Next Session.
              + New Feature: Goto Line Dialog.
              + New Feature: Search Previous Instance.
              + New Feature: Class Types Highlight.
              + New Feature: Environments Now Replace Solutions.
              + New Feature: Environment Tree Search.
              + New Feature: Open Type Dialog.
              + New Feature: Environment Options.
              + Improvement: You're Now Able To Mix Color And Dock Themes.
              + Improvement: Polished Up The Dialogs.
              + Improvement: Fixed Hack In Problems List.
              + Improvement: New AvalonDock Version.
              + Improvement: Re-designed About Dialog.
              + Improvement: New Syntax Highlighting System.
              + Improvement: New Settings Structure (Faster).
              + Improvement: New Options Dialog.
              + Improvement: New Compiler.
              + Improvement: Folding Generation Time Decreased.
              + Improvement: Environment Explorer Speed (Instant).
              + New Keybinding: (Ctrl+G) Goto Line.
              + New Keybinding: (Ctrl+Shift+T) Open Type.
              + Bug Fix: Class Rename No Longer Accepts Illegal Characters.
              + Bug Fix: Fixed Input Focus When Switching Documents.
              + Bug Fix: Fixed Functional Bug With Find & Replace Text Field.
              + Bug Fix: Fixed Focus With Multiple Document Groups.
              + Bug Fix: Fixed Disposable Objects Not Being Disposed.
              + Bug Fix: Fixed Updater Version Check.
              + Bug Fix: Environment Rename No Longer Accepts Illegal Characters.
              + Bug Fix: New Environment No Longer Accepts Illegal Characters.
              + Bug Fix: New Package No Longer Accepts Illegal Characters.
              + Bug Fix: New Class No Longer Accepts Illegal Characters.
              + Bug Fix: Fixed Selection Instance Highlight.
              + Bug Fix: Fixed Nested Block Comment Highlight.
              + Bug Fix: Fixed 'auto' Not Being Highlighted.
              + Bug Fix: Fixed 'classgroup' Not Being Highlighted.
              + Bug Fix: Fixed 'dependson' Not Being Highlighted.
              + Bug Fix: Fixed 'cpptext' Not Being Highlighted.
              + Bug Fix: Fixed 'structdefaultproperties' Not Being Highlighted.
              + Bug Fix: Fixed 'structcpptext' Not Being Highlighted.
              + Bug Fix: Fixed 'hidecategories' Not Being Highlighted.
              + Bug Fix: Fixed 'dependson' Not Being Highlighted.
              + Bug Fix: Fixed 'implements' Not Being Highlighted.
              + Bug Fix: Fixed 'begin:' Not Being Highlighted.
              + Bug Fix: Fixed '#exec' Not Being Highlighted.
              + Bug Fix: Fixed 'ignores' Not Being Highlighted.
              + Bug Fix: Fixed Case Insensitive Search.
              + Bug Fix: Fixed UTF8 Encoding To ASCII.
              + Bug Fix: Fixed 'Minor' Version Checking.
              + Bug Fix: Fixed 'Revision' Version Checking.
              + Minor Fixes And Tweaks.
              More changes may be made depending on the results from the beta testers and myself.


                One of my beta testers has reported that a crash occurs when he opens the Options window in the new version.
                The complete re-write of the Options window had the purpose of fixing this, but it seems it still occurs on some machines.

                Handling this error like any other does not seem possible, as the application handles all errors that can be thrown with a global safety mechanism, but this one still manages to bypass that.
                I am awaiting for the beta tester to be available so I can debug this error on his machine in an attempt to fix it.

                The detection of this error may delay the release date to a later time than previously announced.


                  Unreal Sed 2.0 Released

                  Lots of changes, improvements and bug fixes.
                  (Check first post for download link)

                  Start screen.


                    Given that Mediafire is currently down I've added a mirror for 2.0 in the first post.
                    (mirror life time is not guaranteed)



                      Progress Update

                      Hey, time for another progress update!

                      I was ill for two days unable to program but now I've recovered and worked on Unreal Sed.

                      This time I started right away with fixing bugs as I was informed of some (including the Options crash) and found some myself while fixing those.

                      I am sorry if the development of Unreal Sed is not as fast as it could be, but I also work on another project and need to develop my website. Currently I've neglected my website in favour of Unreal Sed hoping to deliver a more stable version as fast as I can without hurting the quality of the code.

                      The Time Stealer
                      The Time Stealer is what I call the Options bug that causes a crash, may I say this is a tricky one to fix.
                      I've changed some code that I suspected could be causing it, but the beta tester that also has this bug is currently unavailable due to some real life inconveniences, he had time to test the new build but the change didn't fix the bug, and since he is not available I've moved it aside and worked on fixing other bugs.
                      We still have some more tests planned, but only to be executed when he's available. I may re-write the Options again but use a different interface design, one that does not call for such complex handling of the interface but still user-friendly and effective.

                      Y u no behave?
                      The next thing I worked on was the code for the main window.
                      The main window has some low level hooks and in the middle of it all I forgot to enable minimizing. The minimize button works as it is handled by my code, but clicking on the icon of Unreal Sed that is on the Taskbar is not.
                      Along with fixing this issue I have fixed a bug that happens with these conditions:
                      - Taskbar is on top;
                      - Taskbar is set to auto-hide;
                      - Unreal Sed is maximized.
                      With these three factors put together Unreal Sed would overlap the Taskbar preventing you from "dropping down" the Taskbar to use it.

                      I wanna look good
                      Since I've introduced the Visual Studio 11 color theme I didn't really like any of the combinations with the stock dock themes. Today I worked on just that and started writing a new dock theme.
                      Besides working on a new dock theme I've fixed the icon and title in the main window as they felt as if they were out of place.



                        Progress Update

                        Yesterday I worked on this again and re-wrote the Options window, it now features a new visual look and a different design.

                        You can read more about this and check out some screenshots over at Unreal Sed Blog:


                          So it seems I've been working on this non stop for the past week.

                          I've written a blog post reflecting the changes made to Unreal Sed in that time. Some work isn't mentioned such as the new look for the dialog windows and internal changes.
                          Check it out and see a screenshot of the new Toast Notifications:


                            Another progress update, Options crash and new features:


                              I've written a summary on the 2.1 update, you can read it in the blog:

                              I think I should be able to release it tomorrow (22nd Oct 2013), assuming no massive bug pops-up.


                                Unreal Sed 2.1 Released
                                (download available in first post)

                                Read more about this release at: