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    Weapon Creation

    I am currently making a link gun replacement, that will hopefully make a much more useful weapon. Without giving too much away, my gun will be quite similar to the link gun in firing, but differ greatly in effect... it will also have a combo-able effect that will be able to both help/hurt your enemy/teammate, depending on how you use it. (however it will require a little skill or you may end up helping your enemy or killing your teammate lol!)

    The model has been made, as has a skin and animations... but being the first weapon i have ever made (for any game)... it is comming along rather slowly. I have been following 3DBuzz UT weapon making VTM... and only just found out that animations etc have changed DRAMATICALLY from UT > 2k3... so im in the process of learning how to rig and export from max, and how to import into UT2k3 and set it all up.

    Currently im very... very lost.

    If anyone here has made a weapon before from start to finish, i would LOVE for you to contact me and guide me through this confusing process.

    you can contact my via the following:
    MSN Messenger / E-mail -
    ICQ# 69044588

    Thanks in anticipation,


    please... i promise not to take too much time