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    Portals Ut2k4 help

    I am making a portals 2k4 which will be a continuation of the portals mutator I released a few weeks ago. I have a model of the Stargate from the tv show that is being worked for the game now.

    I don't know how I would go about replicating the whoosh effect the gate does when it opens... I'd like to get it as close to the tv show or movie as possible. Anyone have any thoughts?

    BTW: any coders or model folks wanting to jump onboard this project drop me aline.

    I will post this in the editing forum too as this might be answered there as well.

    I am still looking for coding help regarding the portals mutator.

    This is a very open to new ideas project, please email me off of my site in my sig

    Here is a link to the original portals mutator project: Portals 2k3

    Thanks for your time


      I could help you build a test map but coding isn't exactly my thing


        The opeing effect can be done via scaling a SM with an animated texture, or usin Emitters.


          Another option might be to create the effect using a 3D application, creating a triggered
          decoration that just plays the animation when it is triggered.

          It's a bit extreme, but may produce the most realistic effect as it can be fine tuned.


            Whoa, uberbumpage! After three months, chances are cvroy is not even working on it anymore.