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    Actor in Commandlet


    i'm pretty new to unrealscript, although i'm not that new to programming in general

    i want to write a commandlet (and basically "hello world" works) but i need to use an object of a class derived from "info" which is derived from Actor.

    the wiki says, i cannot do that (using an actor in a commandlet). but i need to!

    is there any trick to get an "Info"-based object loaded in an ucc commandlet? in fact, the utv commandlet and the server commandlet *do* some networking and all the ipdrv-classes are derived from Info - so i assume there must be a way of getting this to work, isn't it? is the source-code of the server commandlet available? or is it written in C++ (couldn't find it in the uscript-sources)

    thanks in advance

    Both UTV as the Server Commandlet are native, they both load a "Level" instance that is required for Actors.