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The Forgotten War - Korean War Modification

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    The Forgotten War - Korean War Modification

    I know this has been posted else where, but I posted in the wrong section.


    Before I begin;

    First of off, let me introduce my self, my name is Eric, I go by my last name Pelezo as my alias, I grew up in Shreveport, LA and all over the us.

    Now, on to the good part, we are thinking about switching to UT2k4 because of Epic's ongoing support of modifications which I love, I've played the demo and love it! I love it more than Far Cry which I liked enough to dig through the code and It was just a little bit well boring, now we move on to UT2k4 and wow, its just amazing looking, and from what I've heard the code is very easy to modify.

    We have thought about switching, well I have as the team leader considering there’s only four people on it right now, so it would be a swift and good decision if we do.

    But I'm also want to see if anyone whom is a UT Scripter is willing to join the team before we make the switch, if they are we will definitely switch!

    My Email :
    My AIM : TFW Pelezo [With Spaces]
    My MSN :
    My Y! : TFW_Pelezo
    My ICQ : 337914005

    Eric M. Pelezo