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foregoing default pawn animations

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    Maybe if all the anims were the same? So like the ones you don't want could be all flying anims? Sounds like you just need functions in your code for each state and for each animation that all call some flying animation. And use tweening if you aren't already, because yes, it will call the one anim over and over.

    Running, jumping, etc. can be different for a flying pawn, i.e. a hawk will flap its wings, will fold its wings when diving, can hover in one spot, can extend its feet, can squawk, can walk and jump on the ground. Try including some anims for those and relating them to a corresponding xPawn animation. It would make more work but would be cool.

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  • started a topic foregoing default pawn animations

    foregoing default pawn animations

    Let's say I have a flying creature with a few flying animations. I don't want to be playing ANY of the running, walking, jumping, etc. animations at all. What is the proper way of preventing default xPawn animations from playing, and NOT log tons and tons of access nones? If I make 1 frame dummy animations, xPawn will go ahead and use them and my guy will fly around in a refpose of some sort (it snaps to different ones). Tried setting the animation names to empty name '' but that didn't do it (access nones).

    Right now I have it as logging tons of access nones (because the model does not have the animations xPawn is looking for), and this makes the logfile ridiculously big (several megabytes) after a couple minutes.