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Detecting joints/sockets on a skeletal mesh.

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    Detecting joints/sockets on a skeletal mesh.

    Ok, just gonna make this a simple question rather than going through everything we are trying to do. Basically we need to produce to a new actor that can be added into a level and linked to a skeletal mesh that will also be in the level. The new actor needs to detect the joints/sockets on the mesh that it's linked to. the reason for this is that we need to be able to apply settings to the individual joints on the skeletal mesh. Also this skeletal mesh will be a karma actor, if that makes any difference. My question is, where/how would one start coding an actor like this?

    I just saw some script that dealt with this in Pawn and xPawn class scripts. Search for skeletal stuff there under 'bone.'

    Here's a funny one:
    function name GetWeaponBoneFor(Inventory I)
    	return 'righthand';
    Sounds like a mech or powersuit of some kind