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    Problem with package distribution


    Pretty simple problem probably caused by me not distributing the correct files. Among some other things, I've extended the onslaught raptor vehicle to produce a bomber which drops redeemer warheads as its alternate fire. This works perfectly for me.

    Unfortunately I gave my package files (Giftig01.u and Giftig01.ucl) to my friends, along with a modified version of the Torlan Onslaught map, and it's not working for them. When I play with them online or across a LAN, it works perfectly for me but they have a couple of serious problems:
    • The modifications I made to the HUD do not dynamically update for them (this is meant to tell you when you're reloading warheads at a recharge station, as well as how many you have left, so it's certainly annoying that it never changes from 2 / 2 warheads and never tells you it's reloading).
    • I set bInheritVelocity=true on the bomber's weapon so that its bombs drop correctly, but that hasn't affected the primary fire (which is the same as the standard raptor fire) for me, but it has for them. I've discovered this makes the bomber's primary plasma fire totally useless as it can't be aimed.

    Neither of these problems exist for me, but obviously it's no good if the vehicle works for me but no one else. Does anyone know what could be causing this error to appear for others?

    Thanks in advance.

    EDIT: You can find my thread related to creating the HUD for this vehicle here. I modified the drawHUD function to update the HUD.

    Bump; any ideas? This is a very confusing problem for me, and I suspect the answer is that I made a very simple mistake when copying the files over.