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How to replace the Lightning Gun sounds (UT2004)

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    How to replace the Lightning Gun sounds (UT2004)

    I can't help but find the original sounds extremely weak in comparision to the sniper in the Ballistic mod, however I think it's a more unique gun overall with the lightning and all if the sounds where just better it would be great.

    I'm perfectly willing to edit the original sound package, I know what will happen if I do but I probably won't be playing online anytime soon anyway. I tried editing it but they aren't actual sounds, one is like a placeholder and another has got this * in it's name and an actual propertie menu. Replacing them crashes the editor.

    I would most perfer to create a "copy" of the Lightning gun that will show up in weapon-switcher mods and comes with the new sounds without editing the original files, I would also like to be able to do the same for a couple vehicles.

    EDIT: Ew, apparently it's BASE sounds I had to replace, but again, I don't like having to edit the original file, I still have a backup of the unmodified original and would much rather create a copy...

    It’s late and I’m headed to bed soon, so forgive me if this seems brief.

    Some important links:
    A basic weapon modding tutorial, if you have little to no experience with UnrealScript.
    Additional tutorials. If you have no prior programming experience at all, you’ll want to check out the basic tutorials. Intermediate and advanced tutorials include creating custom monster classes – not really what you want, but it may be useful for later if not now.
    A wiki page on importing sounds into UnrealEd. IIRC, this is what I relied on back when I was messing around with recreating the Plasma Rifle from Halo, but it’s been a while since I attempted that and I can’t really remember the process I undertook. Such is what happens when you don’t write stuff down. :-/
    The modding tutorials will take you through the manual compiling process, but trust me, it’s a pain. You’ll find the download link for an alternate method on this page. It’s a simple program that will compile your scripts for you with a few clicks.
    A simple but powerful text editor, with an UnrealScript highlighter available as a separate download. It’s what I use and I love it, but it’s only a suggestion – use what you’re most comfortable with!

    There you have it, all the resources and tools to get you started.