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[n00b] Basic vehicle mod: health + speed

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    Thanks, I'll give that a try sometime but I'm looking more for how to change vehicle scripts to produce faster vehicles, etc., rather than modify them via a mutator. And the lack of source code with the mutator means I can't really learn from it.

    Thanks for the file though.


      If you open a package in unrealed, via the actor class browser. Then export all scripts, you can get the source code for anything you open. It takes a little while but it decompiles it all for you, and puts them in those neat little packages in your UT2004 directory.

      Then again there is always my favorite link.

      This gives the source for everything that is in UT2004, aside from most custom stuff. View in NO FRAMES for a better index.

      Should fix your lack of source code problems.


        Thanks, the link looks very useful. That's going straight on my bookmark list ^_^. I'm still having problems working out how to make my super leviathan go a decent speed though; by changing the torque curve I've made it able to practically climb a vertical wall, and by adjusting gear ratios and the TransRatio variable I've managed to make it go *slightly* faster, but if I increase anything further, it will barely move at all.

        This is proving to be rather more complicated than I had hoped.


          Remember, any child will inherit the properties of it's parent. Don't forget that you can also skip a generation. Meaning you can even go back to it's grandparents properties.

          I haven't messed with vehicles myself, but I believe that everything is relative. Have you tried taking a default property such as GroundSpeed and giving it a value. GroundSpeed comes from the "pawn" class. Which if you look on the UnCodeX, is the great-great-great-grandfather of your class.

          I could be wrong though, seems to me like it would work.


            I've tried a few things I found in Pawn, Vehicle, etc. but so far haven't noticed any effects in modifying these. I'm familiar with object-oriented programming so I realised I could fiddle with these values, but I also figured that the leviathan is artificially slow, so anything I would need to modify its speed would be found in the DefaultProperties section of ONSMobileAssaultStation.

            I haven't tried GroundSpeed specifically yet, so I'll give that a try and see if that changes anything.

            Edit: Didn't affect anything. As I suspected, actual vehicle speed inherited from ONSWheeledCraft, appears to be a bit more complex, controlled by engine torque, gear ratios, and presumably a couple of other things which I'm missing.