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    RosterEntry - HOW!

    Ok, I have made my new gametypes and I have made a new enemy roster entry for the game type, but how do you extend and use class'xGame.xRosterEntry' ??

    My Code:
    Class MyXRosterEntry Extends RosterEntry;
    static function MyxRosterEntry CreateRosterEntryCharacter(string CharName)
        local MyxRosterEntry xre;
        local xUtil.PlayerRecord pr;
        pr = class'xUtil'.static.FindPlayerRecord(CharName);
        xre = new(None) class'MyxRosterEntry';
        xre.PlayerName = pr.DefaultName;
        xre.PawnClassName = "MyGame.MyPawn"; 
        xre.PlrProfile = pr;
        return xre;
    Ok, this code is working fine and it's getting all the relevent info from xUtil, but when I play a match, I get no names for the bots, and they are not on the PlayerList, or scoreboard, and all i get is 'SOMEONE KILLED SOMEONE WITH THE ASSAULT RIFLE' in the log.

    I take it we can't extend or create a new xRosterEntry class, or is there something i'm missing, and Epic or Atari techs should know, if they are here like they say they are.

    Do you have the bots listed in a .upl? AFAIK rosterentry's grab the bots from there (thus the need for xutil to get the playername and whatnot)


      Well, since I havn't modified xUtil, there should be no problem, as i mention, if i log this code line by line, it is getting the bots name, etc etc, but for some reason, it's not passing that info to the gametype, and I can't seem to find where it's going wrong.


        Did you also create your own Roster class?

        I know that the xRoster class uses xRosterEntry elements, and that it is hard coded in the xRoster class to do so.

        If you havent done so already, subclass the xRoster to do the same that you did with xRosterEntry. That is, create your own roster class.

        Also, look in the gametype defaults where they say what the default roster will be.

        One more thing, I dont know for sure, but Bot might access some xRoster or xRosterEntry classes. Check there.

        Oh and maybe the xPlayerReplicationInfo class. That might be hard coded for xRosterEntry as well.

        Let us know how you make out...