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Manta Climbing walls...

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    Manta Climbing walls...


    iv been working on a custom game type for awhile now, iv been working on how to get Vehicle's into the game type.. i never found a way to add them via the game info, i did however managed to find a way to add them via an actor added to the map by the frag house people (VSOverRide).. which as im making custom maps is fine having it as a map actor, but the problem i have is that in VCtf and ONS, the Manta can Climb walls, in this way they donot..

    i learnt from the VSOverRide that in order to use ONS Vehicle Factory you needed the game type to be an ONS Game via map settings and it needed Node's etc, so according to that i should use the AS Vehicle Factory, which does work, but the manta doesn't climb.. they are both set to the same Vehicle Class type so the code that makes them climb i don't think is in the manta code.. (im guessing ) so its else where.. i looked thought the gameinfo and mutator code looking for hints of what it could be but found nothing useful.. would anyone happen to know where this might be?

    with the VSOverRide i tryed it anyway with the ONSFactorys, and as i was told they didn't spawn anything, so i set up a mini link system , and it worked for the spawning Vehicles but the manta still wouldnt climb, im guessing thats cus the ONSFactory needs a link system set up to spawn them and the code that makes mantas climb is else where

    (as a side note.. i learnt from a VCtf tutorial that the game type needs to be set as xGame.xVehicleCTFGame in the map levelinfo.. I Found no code to do with vehicles in the small code inside VCTF gameinfo and no mutator for that game type so i duno where to look for more info on how vehicles appear in VCTF, it appears they use ONSVehicleFactorys.. )

    i was thinking that maybe due to things been limited in assault (like shield self force push so players cannot shield jump across big gaps like in other game mode's) that they might of made it so manta's cannot climb in assault to stop people possible sneaking in the.. inappropriate way :P i had a look in the AS game type code but couldn't see anything useful, i have also checked in the ONS/AS Vehicle Factory's and found nothing that could help me.. i thought maybe creating a new custom factory might do the trick.. thought id post here n ask first cus take me awhile to do that to find out it wont work..

    sooo any help? im not much of a coder, im trying to learn, and only recently have i managed to start to get somewhere with it but im kinda stuck with where to look atm not done anything with the vehicle side of ut yet, just a pointer in the right direction would help me atm if anyway could

    thanks in advance

    ps.. soz for the essay

    no help?

    iv been trying to work it out.. i think iv got it down to that it's not part of code that's my problem. been messing with several ONS maps and vCTF maps.. it appears some maps let manta's climb walls and others do not.. but i cannot work out if it is that as there's nothing in the maps i can see that will let them... has no one any idea at all what this could be? if its not code maybe i should post in mapping section too.. didnt want to post same thing in 2 places on same forum