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Customizing Entry Screen

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    Customizing Entry Screen

    Hi Guys / Gals !!!! ,

    I'm trying to change the entry screen , the ut2003 with the grey and black stripes before the nVidea animation logo . Someone I know made a cool picture and would like to use it instead of the boring grey screen that comes up . Can anyone help me ?

    You mean this one:

    Its in the Help folder.

    If you wanna stuff around with this (don't know why, it's only appears for few seconds), make a backup or you may end up reinstalling.


      Just put your bitmap in the help folder name it something original like "mynewbitmap.bmp", then create a shortcut to ut2003.exe with this command line switch

      ut2003.exe -userlogo="mynewbitmap.bmp"


        One question about this :

        We're using a shortcut to launch Atlantis, using different logos, inis and such, but when we launch it the logo doesn't appear and we have the running log instead. I think it's an option in the ini but i can't get to find it...

        Does anyone know what option turns on/off the logo or log to appear on startup ? thx in advance !