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    edfindable array?

    I'm trying to create a new placable object derived from the actor class. This object holds (among other things) an array of KActors. These KActors can be "chosen" in the editor.

    For the past hour I've been trying to create this KActor array so that it has the "findable" option in the editor, by "findable" I mean that there should be a "find" button in the properties for this array.

    For a single variable (for example a single KActor) this goes as follows:

    var (MyObjectOptions) edfindable KActor KActorObject1;

    This will create a user-changable property called 'KActorObject1' under a 'MyObjectOptions' tab inside the property-window. The user can assign a KActor to this variable by clicking the "find" button and then clicking on a KActor in the viewport. However, I can't seem to do this for an array! For example this array:

    var (MyObjectOptions) array<KActor> KActorObjects;

    does not have the "findable" option, but the following:

    var (MyObjectOptions) array<edfindable KActor> KActorObjects;


    var (MyObjectOptions) edfindable array<KActor> KActorObjects;

    does not work!

    Any suggestions?

    I don't think Array's are edfindable, sorry dude.

    If you find out how, let me know. :up:


      This works for me:

      const nr_of_emitters = 8;

      var (KExplosion) edfindable XEmitter XEmitters[ nr_of_emitters ];