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High-Profile New Media Art ProjectNew Media Artist Kurt Hentschläger http://www.kurth

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    High-Profile New Media Art ProjectNew Media Artist Kurt Hentschläger http://www.kurth

    New Media Artist Kurt Hentschläger is seeking a UT programmer/skilled modder to help him prepare a video installation for its June opening in Beijing:

    Kurt Hentschläger is an established multimedia artist and a recipient of numerous awards and large-scale commissions. He represented Austria at the 2001 Venice Biennial and has shown his work internationally for two decades.

    The installation is rendered in realtime 3D using the Unreal Tournament 2004 engine, specifically the "Karma" physics sub-engine.

    Kurt has an updated rag doll model, and the job is to import this into Unreal Tournament using Karma Tools. He's looking for somebody who has a good overall knowledge of UT, Unreal ED, rag doll import and Karma tools. The job must be complete by the end of April.

    Kurt Hentschläger
    kh splendidvoid com

    More Details:
    The work is compact, its really about
    integrating a new character, which was designed in 3D Studio Max. It
    imports in the KARMA tools with its axis misaligned. The main issue
    though is that I have spent way too much time with the KARMA tools
    without getting results I'd be happy with.
    I understand this utility has many limits, but still hoping that
    someone might have a better understanding about it than I do.

    The characters are floating in zero gravity, moving by convulsing
    only and by their motions create sound - their bone / joints being
    tracked in their calibrated Unreal environment and streamed out of UT
    with TCP into second machine which runs Max/msp and Logic to create
    the sync sound. I did this because the sound capabilities of the
    engine are a bit anemic, allowing for sample based stuff only.

    The ultimate goal is to make the characters look and move a lot better than they currently do.

    I'd provide you with the old and new character and you'd send me the
    new one ready to go.

    Kurt Hentschläger
    kh splendidvoid com

    btw, this isn't a bot post. I'm a real person and this is a real job, so please feel free to reply or PM me with questions. Thanks