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Compiler automatically includes things from config????

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    Compiler automatically includes things from config????

    Ok, I've got the following:
    It seems, that the compiler included some infos from the configuration-file INTO the script.

    I have a simple config-class with a dynamic array in it (which is a type of a struct).
    It seems, that the compiler added automatically 1 element from the config into the defaultproperties???

    I have searched the whole code, I did never ever specify the value in the script, only in the config-file, but nevertheless, if I decompile the script with UTPT, there is still the value?

    Help! I have never noticed anything like that.

    I deleted the entry from the configuration-file and added another one in another property: the same thing: the element again occurs in the package.

    Anyone know something about this bug?


      Ok, the bug is not in the compiler but in a certain commandlet (*cough* strip... *cough*).


        Commandlets load the standard ini files. They also load packages the same way as in-game, so all configurable and localized properties are initialized from the configuration and localization files. Once loaded, the engine takes the values as granted and if you tell it to save the package, it'll save all properties that differ from the inherited defaults.