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Question about configs

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    Question about configs

    i have just recently found out about config variables, so that you can save info out to the ini files. but im wondering where its best to do this.

    i want to have players select between three factions to play as, save that info and reference that when they are spawning into the level, and remain persistent to the next levels which may be with in one sitting of playing the game.

    so my question is what exists at all times that i can have these config variables defined and saved into? i m not sure if playercontroller exist when you are in the gui main menu, but neither does a game type or a level info as far as i know... any info would be nice.

    Any saved data in any class can be accessed through default:
    So it dosen't really matter where you put your config in.


      oh... i never thought of that. thanks man.

      so would i be cool doing the SaveConfig(MyClassName) anywhere? so i dont need an instance of the class at all..

      thats awesome if so. thanks.


        You can do it like this:
        Class'MyClass'.Default.MyConfigVariable = "Some value";


          dude thanxs! i was just looking up some info on configs at udn. their stuff makes sense but atleast you show how to apply it.

          thanks man!