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Two "REAL firstperson" problems.

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    Two "REAL firstperson" problems.

    Look at these images... What do you see..?

    1. My puppet has legs.
    2. The normal HUD weapon is hidden... (UT2k4 menu setting)
    3. The weapon fire lights are still at the last position where the weapon was not hidden. In this case the spawnpoint.
    4. Still nothing kinky with the viewrotation.

    - The weapon fire lights:
    I really don't know where to fix this one. There are some links in the 'weapon' and 'weaponfire' class... I saw some more links with the 'pawn' class too. I don't want to go subclassing all classes needed, as I have to subclass all the weapons too then. So, what would you do?

    - The viewrotation:
    I linked the player's camera position to the headbone of it's model in the PlayerController's 'CalcFirstPersonView' function without any problems.
    But when linking the camerarotation to the rotation of the headbone it appears it is rotated in a very very very strange way. Trying to offset the rotation only makes it worse. It looks like it has something to do with that famous gimbal lock problem. Are those bones using quaternions instead of rotators or vice versa?


    The rotation of the head bone may even vary from model to model, so don't use it. When I tried adding a true first person view to my mod I only used the headbone location, then just handled the rotation normally.

    As for the weapon light problem, the only option I can think of is to forcibly update the weapon (not weapon attachment) position to that of the camera location every tick (or at least when firing). I'm pretty sure that would work.

    Also, how exactly did you get around the 'near clipping plane' problem? did you manually adjust it or did you simply create a dummy actor that uses your player model and you just draw it on the canvas?


      In the PlayerController's 'CalcFirstPersonView' function I added the line:
      ConsoleCommand("NearClip 0.5");


        Aargh! I still can't figure it out... What's wrong with that head bone?!

        It can be that every model has it's own head bone rotation. But still I want to give it a try, cause I know it would have a mayor impact on the gameplay. It would change everything from Unreal to Real.

        So, if anyone can help me out a little...


          Why do you want to camera to follow the head bone rotation? What benefit will it provide? Even Rainbow Six Raven Shield only had the camera follow the headbone location, the rotation was still handled normally. Also, I am not sure that it will really behave the way you want it to even if you do get the camera to follow it (besides player model rotation is normally based on Player controller rotation anyways....)


            I tried linking the view with the bone, and it works. That is: you're able to look around by mouse, but also have screen movement caused by the animations. It's **** nice to see your puppet breathing, walking, taunting, idling, just like you're looking through its eyes. Only thing is, it's the rotation of the bone, and that bone is pointing upward, not forward. It's more like a neck bone than a head bone. So the view is totally twisted, looking 90degrees up, left and a lot of roll. And the gimbal lock point is directly in front of the player to make it even more problematic.
            Most of the time I find those rotators really confusing, especially when trying to find out how I can take the rotation of one rotator and apply it to another but rotated with an offset towards the desired rotation.

            And for the order of rotation, the player model is rotated by the PC.Rotation. The head is rotated by the PC too and so is the view. So technically it's possible to control the view by the rotation of the head and the head by the rotation of the PC.

            What benefit will shader model 16 provide..? Eyecandy and a new gameplay experience. So will this, dude...


              No I did not mean what benefit will the true first person be (I totally agree that it is very cool and can be more immersive), I meant I'm not sure why you have to set the camera rotation based on the bone rotation since the only thing you really need for the head bone is its location so that you get all the nice (sometimes dizzying) bumps and jostles etc.

              The Infiltration guys made a True First person mutator several years ago for test purposes, it was fun as well, but all you really needed to do was use the head bone's location.



                This is indeed exactly what I meant. I was just starting to get in the right direction (allready logging axis instead of rotation) but still for GetBoneRotation. Now that I read and allready implemented the trick from that mutator I realize it's indeed possible to get the rotation from the location/axis. But well, there is really no documentation for 'OrthoRotation' anywhere on the forums, so I would have gone a long long way for the answer.
                Now I still have to make the crosshair react on the direction of the weapon instead of the view, while influencing the direction of the weapon by the view. So now have to figure out a way that looks and feels natural while still being playable...and get some sleep, 6:26AM over here, tomorrow party