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Debugging collision cylinders

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    Debugging collision cylinders

    I'm working on a zeppelin with armor plates that can be shot off. Here's a sample of what it looks like with some of the plates destroyed:

    The armor plates are modeled into the main vehicle mesh. Attached to those are invisible actors fairly similar to the Paladin shield. They block projectiles and explode after taking too much damage.

    The invisible armor plates use collision cylinders to block the projectiles. I am having trouble tweaking the collision cylinders to overlap nicely with the visible armor plates.

    1. I heard collision cylinders are always upright. Is this true or does this only apply to player collision cylinders?
    2. Is there any way to make collision cylinders visible so that their orientation and size can be tweaked?
    3. Do collision cylinders use DrawScale3D?
    4. Any other ways to reliably tweak collision cylinders?

    1. Yes, they are always upright (makes collision/intersection calculations ultra fast between actors since the 2D distance between objects is checked versus the sum of the actor's collision radii, if greater no contact, if less then contact, heights handled similarly)

    2. Use the 'Rend Collision' console command. IIRC the actor has to be visible as well (bHidden=false) for the cylinders to display. If they are normally hidden actors this can be done be typing 'set actor bhidden 0' in the console.

    3. No they do not use drawscale3d, and in fact drawscale will not affect their size either

    4. Not really, although you could make your own special exec commands to accept calls to adjust those cylinder sizes. Personally I usually just open up UEd and place whatever it is I want to adjust in a map, then adjust the size their until I determine the values I need.


      Originally posted by meowcat View Post
      1. Yes, they are always upright

      Originally posted by meowcat View Post
      2. Use the 'Rend Collision' console command.
      Awesome tip! Thanks! Behold:

      We could carefully tweak the positions so that they all join up properly, but as soon as the vehicle tilts to the side that won't work anymore. Also, the cylinders won't fit the plates on the bottom and the top no matter what their shape...

      Any suggestions?


        Would it be easier to tweak the collision if the armor plates were attached actors with per poly collision? Kind of a pain to rework it that way, but much better for collision.

        Nice looking blimp btw, very Final Fantasy 6-esque.


          Thanks for the tip and the compliment. The modeling is Farseer's work.

          It appears that the plates will use whatever staticmesh is assigned to them for collision. Odd. I can live with that, though. We'll try to make things work that way.

          Problem on hold