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How to prevent Game Intro Abort?

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    How to prevent Game Intro Abort?

    i have created a mod for unreal that has a custom Main menu that has no background, and i have also created a level that replaces the Nvidia Logo map.

    So the process flows like this:
    i double click on the start up. it displays a custom splash screen and then loads up unreal.
    then it loads up and plays the cinematic level.

    when the cinematic is done the camera stays where it was in the level, and the main page gui appears on top of the level. (and this is what i want!)

    but if i click the mouse at any time during the cinematic process, it aborts and the screen goes black instead of displaying the level. i cant figure out how to disable this, i want it to (if mouse clicked during cinematic) go to the end camera position before loading the main menu.

    does anyone know how to fix this.

    and also how do you change the Loading screen backgrounds?

    Look for the exec function Fire code, it's handled in there.