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    2 Questions

    First off this is using Unreal Tournament 2004.

    I'm having two major problems that I need resolved.

    1st. In my game you have two pawns that get spawned. The pawn you start off in the game comes in fine, he spawns with his custom model. However the bot that gets spawned who also has his own model also comes in as the other characters model. So one is coming in fine, but the bot isn't coming in properly.
    He doesn't have the correct name, or correct model but the other default properties work fine.

    Right now I have a code( in StartMatch ) that says if there isn't a (custom pawn 1) in the game then spawn (custom pawn 1) else spawn (custom Pawn 2)

    Then I have it add a bot, but it's a bit different because there forced on the same team. In this game you can take control of the bot and switch AI's. If anyone knows how i can make it call the subclass of the Xpawn without it touching Bot pawns it would be helpful.

    My second problem the player who isn't being controlled (the bot) isn't seeing path nodes or volumes. He hits movers fine, and I've spent a long time trying to get this to work, is there some sort of hidden variable that says that the bot can't see nodes? Or if there is some code I need to change then that would be helpful also

    I think I've figured out how to solve the Physics Volume problem.

    But does anyone know how I could write out something like

    If (pawn{subclass of xPawn} . is touching a physics volume)

    it won't work