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New to uscript, need some help :)

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    New to uscript, need some help :)


    I'm new to Unreal Script and I am looking to make a mod idea I've had in my head for quite a long time. teehee

    I have experience in C and C++, so I am not a fool when it comes to programming. :P

    I have been looking through tutorials on UnrealWiki, and I am understand most of what is going (over riding classes and functions etc), but I am at a loss as to how to progress next. I know what I want to code, but I don't know which classes to extend from to achieve what I want etc.

    The fact that many of the tutorials are for UT2003 (I'm working on 2004) and they don't seem to be compatible is not helping matters ><.

    Could anyone link me to some decent UT2004 Uscript tutorials? This would really help

    If it helps anyone - the basis of my mod is a mutator/gametype that forces all pawns to spawn as Scorpion vehicles. The Scorpions weapons will be removed or non functional, and they will pick up health packs when they drive over them. The aim of the game is crash into each other to kill each other I will be making custom maps for this too (speed ramps, etc).

    I am looking around Uncodex, but it's just confusing me more ><.

    Any help/advice?



    You've made a mistake in thinking that the tutorials for UT2003 on the wiki are for the most part incompatible UT2004. I've followed many of them myself on UT2004 and I can assure you every one I have used works. (If you have specific examples you could link to, that'd be another story).

    As for your game mode, I would say you're best bet would be to use a Mutator to change every pawn into a scorpion. You can find a tutorial on Mutators here under Simple / Complex Mutators. More specifically, there's a tutorial under there about modifying the weapon of a vehicle like you mentioned. As for health pickups and damage by collision, I've never tried this but I would take a look at the Touch() function for the scorpion class.

    Also, I am in no way trying to say that UnCodex is a bad tool to use, but you might want to take a look at the Unreal Development Environment if you're using UT2k4 Direct Download It seems to be a favorite among scripters around here, and it offers a class/package navigation system very similar to MSVC++. (Which I assume you are familiar with since you say you know C/C++).

    Hope this helps and good luck!


      Thanks for the reply!

      I've been looking a little bit more at the UT2003 and yes, you are right - they are working. My bad ><

      However, I was looking at the Mutator to modify jump height seen here, and it always gives me this error:

      Error, Unrecognized type 'xPawn'
      I looked at the .uc for the QuadJump mutator for ut2004, and the code is exactly the same, I can't work out why mine is failing =/

      Atm I am using WOTgreal as an IDE, but I will check out the one you have linked If it like MSVC++ then that'll help because I know my way around that

      Thank you for your reply!



        Hehe, I installed UDE, and it seems Epic have bought WOTgreal, because WOTgreal and UDE are exactly the same program! :P

        Sorry for double post.


          Oh alright, I thought you were using UnCodex for reference and using another text editor for that, as I personally use simply UDE on it's own.

          As for the editor, where in your EditPackages list is that package you're compiling located? It might throw that error if UCC tries to compile your package before xGame.u, you should typically put your packages at the very bottom of the list of EditPackages.


            My package is right at the bottom =/


              Aha problem solved, it was WOTgreal being a fool :P ( aka, the fool using WOTgreal ticked a box he shouldn't have :P ).