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Strange LOD issues with DynamicProjector

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    Strange LOD issues with DynamicProjector

    I've been trying to integrate the "Ultimate Flashlight 2K3" which is featured here: into a custom weapon. I've modified it quite a bit but the underlying concept of how it functions is the same. It works fairly well, but if I shine it onto the map in an area where there is typically very low or no lighting at all the area of the map that it shines on seems to have very very low LOD textures used until I'm practically right in front of it.

    Here's a pic of what it looks like when I'm not close to what I'm shining it on:

    And here's what that same area looks like when I'm up close, notice the blurring effect as it begins to do the same thing as the first shot towards the top of the light...

    Anyone have any idea as to why this is happening, and how I could fix it?

    If you're using a torch (flash light) can I assume you're building a single-player map/campaign?

    If so, I'd suggest you take a look at the OSM forum on Unreal Playground (link in sig), the next version of OSMT has a flash light inventory item as part of it, and even if you don't build a sinlge-player map per-se, you can use the toolset for any *normal* game type too.

    I've used an early-build version of the flash light within my own maps & it works really well, plus the corona it gives off in 3rd-person looks cool!


      Thanks for the link, that really looks cool!

      However, I am not making a single player gametype or campaign unfortunately. My current goal is to do small projects and try to get good enough that I can do things without asking so many questions. So although I am sure that flashlight would be much better than mine, I don't really want to look at it because I probably wouldn't be able to stop myself from replacing mine .

      EDIT: So nobody has any idea how to fix this issue?

      EDIT2: Alright, I've found out a little more information on the issue, if you look at the screenshots it just so happens that the muddy textures begin exactly where the glow from my flashlight (which is attached to the player's pawn) cuts off, so if anyone knows of a way to make my DynamicProjector have the same property that Lights have that makes the textures appear clear that would be helpful, otherwise I'll be attaching another glow light to my flashlight...