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Setting DefaultAnimation for a Mesh

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    Setting DefaultAnimation for a Mesh

    I've created a new submarine for my SeaPack, extending the Shortfin sub, and I notice that I can't get my propeller to animate. Does anyone have any insight into what I need to do?

    I've used the UDN actorX tutorials to save out my animation, a 60-frame cycle (too much, for just a propeller?), and when importing it into UnrealEd, I can see that it does indeed play just fine. I'm trying to replicate exactly what I see in the Shortfin, however, when I try to set the DefaultAnimation property, it doesn't take. I can't even type something in the field to use.


    please elaborate do you just have it in the editor or in game ?

    you have any code written and how are you implementing it ??


      I do have the vehicle working in-game, but the situation I'm describing is taking place in the editor. Here's a screenshot.


      [edit]I'm extending a submarine from the UTNavy[/edit]


        ok i had had a a mess about changing the default animation set of the human male and i managed it ok

        all i did was specify the animation set and package and it worked



        it doesn't specify the default animation rather the set it uses


          Well I swear I did that exact same thing before and it did nothing, but I did it again and it took. ?!? Maybe I had a typo or something, before...

          Regardless, thanks Bananna_manuk --