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SeaPack help request: Vehicles Exploding too soon

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    SeaPack help request: Vehicles Exploding too soon

    I've made a couple of searches in hopes of finding an answer for this, and I've put a lot of time in scouring the code to see if I can understand it, but now I must turn here - hopefully someone knows what's going on...

    In the SeaPack I'm making, all the vehicles are subclassed from ONSChopperCraft. The problem I'm seeing is twofold, but probably directly related. First, when starting a map, if one of the navy vehicles is not entered within a short period of time, it explodes. (It didn't used to do that, always, but now it does.) Then, particularly in VCTF games, it seems the self-destruct time after someone leaves the vehicle is too short (in fact, it seems to be about the same amount of time as the explosion upon starting the map).

    What should I look into, to fix this?

    [edit]Okay, so what is this - about an hour after posting, somehow I realize my eyes have NEVER before seen these options:


    Will test, but ... these seem pretty self-explanatory. Pretty sure I deserve a DUH on this one.[/edit]

    [edit2]Next Day. It seems to have made a difference in Onslaught, but the reset time in VCTF is still 10 seconds, which is ridiculous.[/edit2]