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Question about Mouse coords

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    Question about Mouse coords

    I understand that the mouse input variables are the delta movement of the mouse in "arbitrary mouse coords", but what is that "arbitrary" coord system? is it static or does it depend on screen size? when you move the mouse does it rotate the mouse around the player position and just return the change in x and y?

    EDIT : Basically id like to know exactly how much rotation it takes to rotate the gun from the center of the screen to the very left of the screen. and then from the center to the very top of the screen.... in other words... the FOV in rotational UU. My testing has yielded 16200 UU yaw and 10200 UU Pitch. does that sound right? and does anyone know a way to get the exact numbers?

    ok so i figured out that the horizontal FOV is 90 by default... how does that scale to the vertical FOV? its not by resolution alone... its might be some scaled version of the resolution.

    current resolution = 1024x768
    Horizontal FOV in UU = 16384

    1024/768 should = 16384/Vertical FOV ... but it doesnt. it equals 12288 which rotates short of the edge of the screen. i applied the trial and error method and came up with approximately 13400. so how is that scaled?