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    10061 Error

    I keep getting this error in my log file...

    "An error occured while attempting to connect: 10061"

    I am attempting to connect to an external program that is listening on port 9000. That program is working fine and has been tested to accept incoming connections on that port.

    Here is my code...

    simulated function InitTCPLink()
    Resolve ( ServerAddress );
    Log("TCP Initiated. Address: "$ServerAddress);

    event Resolved ( IpAddr Addr )
    Addr.Port = ServerPort;
    BindPort( Addr.Port );
    ReceiveMode = RMODE_Event;
    LinkMode = MODE_Text;
    Log("IP Resolved");
    Log("Port: "$Addr.Port);
    Open ( Addr );

    Log file...

    ScriptLog: IP Resolved
    ScriptLog: Port: 9000
    Log: Open: An error occured while attempting to connect: 10061
    ScriptLog: TCP Initiated. Address:

    Error 10061: "No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it."

    I guess your program is blocked by a firewall. Make sure you open the desired port in the firewall, otherwise your mod won't be able to connect.


      I dont have any firewall enabled on my computer. Its always been disabled. Im behind a network firewall so i dont use the standard windows. Im also keeping all the communication on the localhost. Ive been trying to fix this for 3 days now.