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Team/Skill balancer???? What are you using?

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    Team/Skill balancer???? What are you using?


    I have been struggeling with team balance issues on our server for some time. We get a lot of traffic and we always get into situations where the teams are not balanced. There are always those people who switch teams to go to the winning team. We have tried Uadminmod, but this doesn't always work because it doesn't allow switches if someone wants to try and switch to the losing team to help them out and make the game more even.

    We installed the skill balancer mod and have gone through that code, but it has some holes as well. People will enter as a spectator, set their preference to the team they want to be on, and then join and it goes right around the skill balancer code. Also...this mod is great for setting up balanced teams at the beginning of the game, but if anyone enters after the start, it gets messed up very easily and sometimes switches players around when they shouldn't be. It also always puts anyone who enters from spectate on the red team if they have no preference set in their game setup.

    People who come to our server are always getting upset about how it works and I am desperately looking for a better way to make teams balanced, yet give flexability for players to change teams to correct bad situations.

    What are others using???? I am crossposting this to the mod/mutator section as well, because I am not sure where to put it. Are there any other team/skill balancer mods that people are using??



    Here is the one I coded for the Titan servers:

    It has basically no useful documentation because it's only used on a handful of non-Titan servers...and it's also constantly in development so I will probably never be making a 'proper' public release. (I've also stopped development on it recently due to RL taking up my time)

    The 'generic' team balancer class in that will work well for most of your needs....don't touch the stats balancing class because it's highly experimental and can't be tweaked at all

    I wont be able to offer any support for it at all either (due to RL)...while the generic balancer has over a years testing and refinement, setting it up can be complicated and if you want to use it your on your own with figuring it out.

    EDIT: Oh I forgot to mention that this isn't whitelisted, so if your server is not already out of the 'standard servers' list then it will be when you run this.
    If you want, you can try and ask for this to be whitelisted. I've not had a need to so far.