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    basic simple weapons

    im looking for a weapon that i can edit the way i want... all the unreal guns have thier own special thing about them...

    firemodes- shoots for 1fire and reloads for 2alt fire

    projectile- to have falling physics but higher speed so it will go farther. leaves a bullet hole/plasma when it hits a surface and kills in one shot

    i want the ammo to have 120 per pickup and 200 capacity in the weapon

    and thats all i need

    You could easily modify the flak rifle for this. You'd haev to code a new projectile, but keep in mind, that even at max speed, a falling projectile still makes quite an arc. All the other stuff, bullet mark and ammo amounts are easy stuff.


      Did you ever code a weapon? If not, this site may be the right for you:

      This is a 3 page (and very well explained) tutorial about the topic: How to code your own weapon! It is easy to understand and this was the first thing i did with UScript (when i was a noob in coding :P )! You learn there how to create a new UberLinkGun which is based on the normal LinkGun. You will modify the projectile, ammo, etc.

      I hope it will help you!