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    understanding script

    hi there

    I am doing a project for my college, It is a unreal scripting project, I am unsure what use I can use script for. I have very little knowledge of script. I have done the hello world tutorial but found it useless as to what other things I can do with script, it be good if someone could explain without giving me a link to somewhere I have already been.
    I have read lots of things on script and found it confusing. I don't like script and would prefer to model, as I am better at this.
    If someone knows the answer rather than telling me how to do it. I want to have these changes in my game;
    a different weapon
    a information display when you reach a certain block

    I want to import a 3d model from 3ds max and animate it in 3ds but I am not sure how to use this as a trigger, in unreal.

    hi samzen, making a new weapon is very complicated and no one will be able to explain how in a small forum post. my advice to you is to go to and download the video tutorial series about it it will explain everything you need to know and even tell you the tools you need to export the weapon from 3ds max. however if you dont want to do that for what ever reason then ActorX is a tool you can use to export models from 3ds max and thats what id advise you use. id then go to unreal wiki and look at the code on there for making a new weapon the code shouldnt be hard just to get your weapon in game. and i dont really know what you mean by the 2nd question. do you mean when you get to a certain point on a level something pops up on the HUD or a GUI menu?