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Understanding "Native" Classes

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    Understanding "Native" Classes

    I was trying to modify a native class like say "X.uc". I get the following error when I run the program:

    "ERROR: X, native class size (1444) does not match scripted class size (1456)"

    From what I understand, a native class is a class that is bound to a DLL file.

    I thought that the option in "UCC make -nobind" allows us to alter these classes as it does not require a bind to a DLL file.

    But from this experience, it would appear I cannot alter a native class at all?

    I am trying to alter a function within this native class X, but I there is a function declared as:

    class X native;

    simulated private function Y()

    Oh oh! So I can't alter the class file, and now I cannot override the function. Is there any way I can override this function?

    You cannot modify existing classes at all (not only native). Because the function is private, it cannot be overriden and it is marked as private with some reason. Wrong way - you have to think stmh else.


      The idea is that you extend existing classes, not modify them.

      class X extends Actor;
      This creates a class that is a subtype of Actor. It inherits all Actor code, so there's no need to copy/paste any code into it. You can override the Actor functions to create new functionality.


        You can override the Actor functions to create new functionality.
        I believe, from Skrillax's answer, in this particular extended class I cannot override the function because it is private.

        Thanks for the responses. Clears my head up now