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Gunreal Needs Dedicated Programmer

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    Gunreal Needs Dedicated Programmer

    I'm looking for a dedicated programmer who would like to help finish the last 10% of Gunreal for UT2004 (please, serious inquiries only).
    You can check out the trailer here, to see if it's your cup of tea:

    All that remains to be done is the netcode, a few last weapons and gameplay features, and a replacement of the main menus of the game (I provide all the textures/content). Again, please, serious inquiries only. If you're just curious, or are juggling time between a job and a girlfriend, this isn't for you.

    Credits exposure will be high in the actual mod (credits button on the main screen), it looks great on a portfolio (and everywhere else), and the project will soon be a larger UT2007 mod of the same style (called Ground War), which will shoot hard for top spot of the next MSUC, if and when it comes around. The goal is to obtain the engine license, to make the UT2007 version of Ground War into a retail multiplayer game, as RO succeeded in doing. For now, Gunreal is nearly complete, and is the first evolution of that, and should turn a lot of heads.

    If this endeavor sounds like your cup of tea, and you're serious about exposure or are trying to get into the game development world, you are free to assist in this project's completion, and to hang around for Ground War if you'd like the long-haul. Gunreal should need only need about 1 or 2 months of dedicated coding before it's released (I expect 1 month as best-case scenario, but I don't rely on it, and am always open to the worst-case scenarios). I expect the first release of Ground War to be ready well before the end of 2007, which will be done with a team, and not just the two of us.


    Working conditions are very good, and things thus far have gone very fluidly and quickly, using MSN/Yahoo to chat, and a web-based bug-tracker called Trac to easily post bugs/tasks that need to be done. For transferring files, I have an FTP server that uses a nice client called Hotline that allows you download/upload files to and from the project folders on my computer. We also use it to exchange game trailers and other ****, but it's mainly the hub for posting the latest packages/builds for each other.

    As for content creation, we each stick to our tasks - I make all of the physical content and do the game design (with detailed written recipes for you to follow on exactly how everything should work, so you're not left in the dark on anything), and you do the code, working often with Trac to post bugs that I need to fix with weapon models or other broken art content, and seeing bugs/adjustments that I've noticed and listed.

    If you're interested, please send me an email (deefrag||at|| Stupid email bots.

    This is the mod's demoroom, where I post all of the weapons/content/emitters/etc: