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Multiple concurrent 1on1 games

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    Multiple concurrent 1on1 games


    I am in the early stages of planning a 1on1 competition gametype. Basically it will start with say 8 players which will play 4 1on1 games. The winners of these 4 games will play in the semi-finals and then the winners will play in the final to see who is the overall winner.
    I dont know if it is in any way possible to do this but i'm wondering if I could get it so that the games would be played concurrently on the same server. Everybody would be playing the same map but only your opponent would be visible to you. Has anyone got any ideas on where I could start.


    I already though about how something like this could be done, but there are so many things to consider. Your most important problem will be movers in the map. Those will make it impossible to have two virtual games running at the same time.
    Another problem will be existing replication rules. Especially sounds get replicated to all players nearby, but also some actor replication behavior wasn't designed for selective replication.

    In essence it's not really possible to have more than one match running on the same server unless they use completely different parts of the map.