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M4Carbine Working in Unreal

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    M4Carbine Working in Unreal

    I've got my 1st person mesh working! Thanks to the guys over at 3D Buzz... I now understand that if code has been changed, I have to delete my *.u file in order to get a new one to compile properly.

    Now I have a new q...My 3rd person weapon attachment has moved. It's been rotated -90deg, and is too far back on the x axis. i just don't know the properties or where to edit this function...Can you guys please tell me what the property name is called inside the Unreal Actor Editor?

    I think I change the code in my M4CarbineAttachment.uc file too, correct?

    Do I add the following line of code to M4CarbineAttachment.uc code as well?

    I went through all of the options in-game that have to do with pivot to see if i could rotate the friggin thing. no luck.

    I've been looking online for these rookie questions all day. I'm sorry for tiring you guys with the simple stuff. Also, to alieviate you guys from my QA simplicity, I have ordered 2 books from amazon: Unreal Scripting All in One, and Unreal Techology: The Art of Level Design. So, indeed I am trying to do everything I can on my end... can you guys help tide me over until my books arrive...

    I work at a civillian company who does military cantracts for the US... I need to have at least one char exported into Unreal as well as one working weapon. The weapon is about 80%... just need to tweak the above issue. I leave on Wendsday to go to a convention in Arizona to meet with the Americas Army guys. This is new to my company and mself, so im having to ramp up on this "new tech" in a matter of 3 days... needless to say that i'll be puching late hours tonight and tomorrow night. The better news is that i don't work over the weekend.

    I'm actually exporting out my test character as we speak.

    So again, I thank you guys in advance for your help.

    Hey can you give me a link to the Unreal Scripting All in One book


      Modify the defaults in the weapon class, such as PlayerViewOffset and the one you mentioned, PlayerViewPivot

      those should do it, ive noticed modding the mesh rotation didnt work for me idk why but once i changed the PlayerView- stuff it worked
      if it doesnt idk lol :s


        read my new post... the book links are at the bottom