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Give me a push in the right direction.

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    Give me a push in the right direction.

    I'm learning Unrealscript very slowly in my spare time on a trail and error basis.

    I've modified existing things until I'm sick of it, but that helped a lot.

    Currently, I'm trying to code a "move" a player can do (whatever, I'll just make it an EXEC for specific players, if you think that's best)

    ...that causes the player to "dash" up to the player they have their crosshair on, but only if they are close enough. It would more less make you like you're flying (so I'd change the physics of the player) and at a certain rate of speed you'd more/less "dash" then be standing next to them.

    My training thus far isn't helping. Anyone care to help with a little code, a place to look, etc... on getting my started on my idea?

    thx in advance of course.

    You could just set the physics to flying (might work walking too but I'm not sure) set the ground/airspeed to something higher and then just set the pawn's velocity to something high in the direction it's facing. That would give the pawn a big push but it would slow down since it's not being constantly accelerated. If you do set the physics to flying you'll have to make sure to set it back to walking when it's speed drops below a certain level.

    Oh and to check that there's another player close enough you could get it to do a trace.


      Target.AddVelocity((vect(1,0,0) * YourChargeForceHere) >> Target.Rotation);