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Gibs and Replication

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    Gibs and Replication

    Does anybody know if the gibalisouse mut works online. I'm just wondering. I had problems getting my gibs to work online but I think I fixed it by setting the RemoteRole to ROLE_SimulatedProxy. Anyways I was wondering how the gibalisouse guy did it if his works online?

    As far as I know Gibalisouse mut is a client mutator with server setup.. I mean the mutator is configured on the server then replicated to clients if I remember correctly. So, each client will see a different gibbing effect, just as you do now with normal gibs.

    Can't be certain, but I'll check it out.


      I tested it on my local machine(UT04 running twice, one as server and other as client. Both running from different system folders). It didn't work. Maybe because I never chose settings for it on the client side.

      With my own gib code I'm still having problems with networked games. I get gibs but the karma ragdoll still shows up. I'm not sure what's going on. I may have to post code if I can't figure it out.


        So what are you trying to achieve here,,, just gibs and no ragdoll?

        If so, keep in mind when you die the game focus is the ragdoll, you will need to switch to a gib or position the camera near where player died.

        I ported the gibs from UT99 over, and I had no problem getting them to work, network was fine. But you will need to make your own gib spawning routine, as the one in the xPawn class is client based, so they won't be replicated to all clients.

        Oh, BTW, the best way to test on single PC, is to run dedicated server and run two UT2004's in a window, then connect them to the server running, usually or, or what ever IP your computer is... that's how I test.


          Yeah I just want gibs and no ragdoll. I think I have it working now. I set bhidden to true on the pawn so the ragdoll disapears before spawning the gibs. I've got to fix the camera so it focuses on something when you die though. And I'm going to have to optimise my code for networked games since there's some lag between when a person dies and when the gibs show up.

          Anyways thanks for the repliese. This has been a hard item to get working.