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Weapon Models- I've got the models, but what do i do with them?

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    Weapon Models- I've got the models, but what do i do with them?

    My skaar Infector gun(in ma sig) now has a custom model thanx to BurgerForLunsh! but i've applied in a Trial-And-Error method and i have the following problems:

    1)Altho i see the gun in first person, other bots appear to be carrying the sniper rifle( on which the gun was based)

    2)The gun is at the wrong angle, when ya play it, it shows the gun pointin down instead of like a normal gun should

    Any help would be gr8ly appreciated! tutorials are also gud btw.

    Thanx :up:

    Hm... the gun in 1st person is pointing downward? Or in 3rd?

    If so... well, then I probly rotated them wrong. I don't really know how to fix them, but try rotating them a bit in the editor.

    I have no idea how to fix the bot problem - maybe it requires some additional coding, but again, I'm not sure.


      *bump* Still stuck on the models...if anyone can help me i would be very grateful =)


        Do you actually have a custom Attachment class? If not, it'll use the class specified in the parent class, which you've already said is the Sniper Rifle. If you have an attachment class, did you change the Mesh= to your own model?

        As for rotation, just look in the weapon/ attachment classes for PlayerViewPivot and RelativeRotation respectively, and tweak them so the weapon is facing the correct direction.
        Of course, making sure the weapon faces the right way before exporting it from your modeling program is the preferred method.


          thankyou =)

          that actually makes sense now...i never even considered the attachment class for moddeling. I'll give it a try.

          thanks for your help.


            btw.. did you make sure to fix the problem with the actual weapon attack? because, I downloaded the beta version of the infector, but it does absolutely nothing. I even waited 10 seconds or so, but the gun doesn't do anything.


              Gothkid, please make that sig smaller. It's *highly* annoying.


                I'm not sure what's causing the glitch with the shots...It's most likely to be the timer but I was thinkin of using an actor to solve that... meh...still confuzzled :noob: