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    Custom Menu Question

    Is it possible to add a scripted trigger or something, so if you press escape that it will jump to a certain menu scene?

    Cause right now you'd have to press escape 8 times to get to the main menu

    Cause there are 8 single camera pans, the first just shows clouds and rain, the second the resstudios logo and the third the ED logo...
    All following pans show the weapons inside the shed, but that would be too much to skip, but I don't know any other workaround for this...

    Would it be possible to add a script, that if you press escape after a certain scene that it will skip all other scenes and jump to let's say a scene called "Menu"?

    Like, I got the scenes:

    And now I want it to skip immediatly all other scenes to jump to the "Menu Scene", no matter if the "Chainsaw", "Crossbow", "Shotgun" etc scenes are playing at that moment.

    Hope you get what I mean and I hope it's possible to do such a script!