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Unreal Scripters Needed!!

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    Unreal Scripters Needed!!

    My name is Eric Elder and I am the Academic Director of Game Art & Design at The Art Institute of California – Los Angeles. I also am in charge of a special class which is a game development production team called the Game Wizards. We have produced 4 MODS so far using Unreal and are in pre-production on our 5th.
    Our program focuses on the “art” part of the game development process and specializes in developing skills like modeling, lighting, texture and design. We only have a few intro scripting classes and most of our students are not very interested in this part of production.
    I have realized that we can not advance to the levels of gameplay we are shooting for without a strong group of scripters to support us.
    We are in need of a talented scripter or group of scripters to help take our MODS to the next level.
    Our work has been reviewed and praised by some of the biggest developers/publishers in the business, and our alumni are currently working at the following companies: ICT-USC, Inxile Ent., Electronic Arts (EA- LA and Canada), Swinging Ape (Blizzard), Cryptic, Activision (Luxoflux, Neversoft, Treyarch, Infinity Ward), 7 Studios, and THQ (Heavy Iron) .

    Here is a link to some of our work:

    If you or your team is interested in working with us, please email me at We look forward to hearing from you.