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    Traveling actor


    I'm wondering how I can make a traveling actor that travels with my pawn ( preferably the gameinfo, but I don't think that's possible )

    I made 2 vars in the pawn

    var travel StatManager StatManager;
    var travel float TestValue;

    the StatManager extends form inventory, and has bTravel set to true. This one doesn't travel.

    the TestValue does travel.

    Why isn't the StatManager traveling, or more important, How can I make it so it does?

    - Xcal

    Ummm.... is bStatic turned to False? Why do you want the GameInfo to follow the player around anyway?



      I'm making a RGP like mod, and I need to make sure some statistics are not lost during map change.

      Those statistics ( not only the playing player stats, but stats of some AI controlled creatures and NPC's also) need to be accessible for some actors (not only pawns), so I picked the gameinfo to store the statmanager there.

      That's why the GameInfo question popped up. But I allready knew for 99.9% sure it wasn't possable.

      Now the 'GameInfo' doesn't support sending over actors, but the pawn does. So I made a reference of this StatManager in the pawn class, made the StatManager extend inventory ( which is able to be send over levels ). Gave the StatManager the variable property 'travel' in pawn, and made sure the StatManager had 'bTravel' set to true.

      But according the things I read on Wiki, and the examples of for instance class 'Weapon' the setup I made now should work... but it doesn't.

      The StatManagerclass is not bStatic by the way.

      nb: When I'm talking about Pawn and GameInfo, I actually mean my own subclass extended from pawn or Gameinfo.

      - Koen