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    ShowLog Problems

    Not sure if this should go here or in Troubleshooting
    Im having a problem with my log, which is making it really difficult to debug.

    This pic shows the issue. Instead of going to the next line, the log prints 2 bars. When i showlog in the editor it looks fine, but with the game and dedicated server it does the bars.
    Ive tried a whole lot of things from reinstalling unreal to changning my localisation settings and even reinstalling windows.
    So if anyone has any suggestions please dear god help me
    WinXP sp1

    That's a nice serious problem.
    Those "bars" are the newline and carriage returns, and usually you should make a new line. If it doesn't happen.. then.. well something is seriously wrong.
    I have absolutely no idea except a clean windows install and\or clean ut2004 install

    maybe install SP2 might fix it.