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RoundTable Capture The Flag

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    RoundTable Capture The Flag

    I am woundering how I would go about doing something like this.

    Idea One)
    Instead of just 2 goals in CTF have 3 or more but only 2 active at one time.
    When a team scores the goal for the non-scoring team switches to a different location, or possibly both change.

    Idea Two)
    A combonation of Capture The Bombing Run, were you would have a master goal at both ends of a series of goals.
    The only Goals that would be active would be the ones on either side of the one just scored or the the sides of the Bomb reset.

    Of course this would require some new maps but that is for future thought at this point it is just ideas.

    Make new gametypes, wrestle throught the old normal ctf and
    bombing run classses and learn how these work. Extends from
    them, or copy the code into a new class and try messing around
    with it.

    Most of all, try to write your ideas down, know what you want.
    It's a whole lot easier to start making stuff when you know what
    to make than to find it out during the building.