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Changing movement, where to begin?

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    Changing movement, where to begin?

    In a mod I'm trying to make I'd like to change te way
    the players move. The view of my mod is top down (gta1 style).

    The players are seen from the top, and movement with the mouse
    wil not be necessarry anymore. This is because the player wont
    have to look around, it's 3rd person.

    Since the movement with the mouse will be disabled, the player
    will have to be moved with the key pads. The up key will be up, down will be back, left will be back and right will be right. No turning with the buttons, but automaticcaly.

    Also when the character is facing to the front, and he's going to
    move to the left, he should turn first, and start walking then (no strafe like action). The player will be able to move in only four

    So in short, the changes I'd like to do:

    Disable mouse.
    Change key pad movement:
    Turn when not facing the right direction.

    take a look at the code in alienswarm, it uses top down. Although with its implementation, the mouse is used to change the way the player faces , it will certainly point you in the direction (if you pardon the pun ).
    xPawn-> AoMarine and UnrealPlayer->AoPlayer are good places to start


      Thanks aquatic sheep (worms ? ). The movement part is in
      AOPlayer. In AOMarine there were all sorts of actions, except
      I'll try to cook up some code, but help will still be appreciated.


        Inputs are handled in PlayerMove() and in the Input class (good luck tweaking that thing, its private, you can only change the class). But its certainly possible.


          Well ... pfff ... after plowing through the code of the AOPlayer,
          deleting most of the stuff I don't need, I've got something working,
          kinda :bulb: .

          The view is top down (perfect, and exactly like I want) and the
          movement is getting there.
          Now the tedious process of tweaking it so it'll be the way I want it
          to be.

          When I've completed the class, I'll post it here, for anyone to use.